Home Office Update / Home, Finance, Personal Reflection Resolutions

I’m always rearranging my space but especially this time of year. As I’m sure we all are, I’ve been busy getting rid of clutter and freshening up our home for the new year. Although, we do still have 3 Christmas trees up… 🤗 I just can’t part with them yet. All of the Christmas decor is gone though and the simplicity has me feeling energized.

I’m not one to typically make resolutions but I’ve gotten on board this year in a few different areas.

1. Home

  • I want to keep my home feeling fresh and simple while still cozy as well.
  • I want to streamline my organization in every part of the house. I want to dig through every corner for things that we do not want or need anymore.
  • I want to take out less than I’m bringing in for the foreseeable future.

Honestly, I do these things usually but I want to really put 1000% into all of them right now because adding a baby also adds a lot of stuff and a lot less time to organize. I’m amazed at how much of her clothing and other items she has already outgrown and some of it is needing to move on to a new home.

2. Finance

I want to cut down on the little expenses that I see recurring here and there in our bank account– the things that you don’t even realize you’re spending money on but that really add up. My biggest way to tackle this is going to be being WAY more mindful at Target. The problem with Target is one we all know. You go in for one thing and come out with way more. They have everything so it’s easy to get away with spending on other things even if you just went in for groceries or diapers. When I look back at my bank account, I can never remember what I spent all that money on at Target the past month and that drives me crazy. There are certain things I will always buy at Target due to better prices/coupons like diapers and wipes but other than that, I need to cut back here…so sad I know. 😂

3. Personal Reflection

I want to make more time for just me and my thoughts. Prior to being a mom, I was really good at this. I am a very independent person who NEEDS alone time and I haven’t been prioritizing this at all. I bought this weekly journaling book last year but never got into it. I’m making this a priority to do this year because who doesn’t need more positivity, balance and joy in their life?! I also love that the entire book is simply making lists that make you think.

Similar Marquee Light / Acrylic Wall Organizer- Home Goods / Clock- Target

Desk / Very Similar Pillow / Similar Teddy Coat (mine was from TJMaxx) / Copper Basket / Ted Baker Colored Pencils / Rose Gold Scissors / Marble and Gold Personalized Name Plate / Similar Copper Picture Frame / White Pitcher / 52 Lists for Happiness Journal / Edison Bulb Light- Home Goods / “V” container- Home Goods

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