Nordstrom Sale 2021

I wanted to share my favorite finds from the #nsale as I have for so many years now. This is a once a year sale where you are able to find great deals on NEW inventory that will go back to full price once the sale is over. Cardholders (debit or credit) are able to begin shopping July 16 and the general public shops July 28. Those who are cardholders and spend a higher threshold per year have already been shopping. This sale gets lots of attention and for good reason in my opinion. It’s very rare that you’re able to find these particular pieces and brands on sale and this is a fun way to grab a few new things for the best season of them all. 😉🎃🍂

**I wanted to mention that as you look through the preview, you might see many sold out items but they have always restocked once others are able to shop that are not higher tier cardholders.**

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