Cyber Week Gift Guides 2020 / Young Children

If you’re shopping for little ones, we’re in the same boat. I’m a mama of one toddler daughter but included many things that I think would be fun for little boys as well. My daughter loves books and puzzles most so that’s what was at the top of our list for her. Santa is bringing her a tricycle and helmet as well.

Magnetic Tiles / Clock / Elephant Pull Toy / Wooden Instruments / Wooden Building Blocks / Lincoln Logs / Shape Stacker / Ice Cream Set / Purse / Gardening Stand / Cake Pop Shop / Reusable Sticker Pads / State’s Puzzle (this has been SO great for her. She not only knows the geography of all states now but she also recognizes when she sees license plates/shapes that look similar to state’s shapes) / Tricycle / Helmet

I also HIGHLY recommend this writing pad. $10 is a steal for how much knowledge our daughter has gained through her practice of writing, drawing and tracing. Really great for car rides as well! We ordered this kitchen set last year for Christmas and one year later, I still highly recommend. It’s a more affordable option than others out there and has held up really well.

Happy shopping!

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