Charlotte Chloe Turns TWO

On July 10, my baby girl turned two. We had a wonderful day with family celebrating such a special little mermaid. She is truly the light of our lives and I still can’t believe she’s mine two years later. She has the sweetest, funniest personality and is always ready to show it off to those she loves. I call her my mermaid because she loves anything to do with water and the outdoors so we wanted to reflect her favorites in her party. That also includes a couple special guests that were rescued from the road earlier that day. You’ll see below- some kids like clowns, some like horses or unicorns etc. My baby’s favorite animal happens to be a little more unique. Hope you enjoy the photos from her special day.

Party Details

Mermaid swimsuit / Mermaid Scales Wrapping Paper / Table Cloth / Straws / Napkins / Mermaid Tail Party Favor Bags / Shell Plates / Cups / “2” Balloon / Mermaid Tail / Chandelier

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