Travel Diary Part 3: Portofino Island Resort

Our longest stay of our vacation was at the beautiful towers of Portofino Island Resort just outside Pensacola, Florida. Before we even arrived at the resort, we were thrilled. My husband and I enjoy more laid-back, private areas to vacation in and the drive to the resort made it clear that this would check that box. The resort is just outside of a national park featuring beautiful white sand dunes and essentially nothing else!

Upon arrival, the entrance was gorgeous and the service was excellent. We were in complete awe of our condo as well. It was most certainly the cleanest I’ve stayed at which is HUGE to me. To be honest, I’m very very very picky and tend to stress about cleanliness on vacation and I could not pick out one area that I felt like wasn’t absolutely perfect. The decor was also spot on and obviously the views couldn’t be beat. The amenities on site were excellent with lots of great food/drink options including restaurants and Starbucks, a spa, 6+ pools and hot tubs (I honestly can’t even remember), a water park in the ocean (seriously), jet ski rentals, paddle board rentals, boat cruises and more. We did not leave the resort the entire time we were there! We never felt like it didn’t have just what we wanted to do that day. The highlight of our trip was definitely our last morning jet ski ride where we had lots of visitors 🐬 come right up to us. It was a unique experience we’ll never forget. Given the crazy time we’re in, I also wanted to mention that the beach was never even close to crowded and we had the pool to ourselves in the mornings. We will most certainly be back and hated to leave.

*I highly recommend booking directly from the Portofino Island Resort website if you decide to go. You’ll save money this way and get to pick out your exact condo- They’re all owned by different people so the furnishings and prices will be different depending on which one you choose but of course the resort amenities come with every unit.

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