Travel Diary Part 1: Seaside, Florida

We were so thankful for an escape to sunny Florida last week! We visited Seaside for the day first. After strolling through the charming town center for a little lunch and shopping, it was easy to see the appeal of this town on the gorgeous emerald coast. It honestly feels like a different world there with pristine white sand beaches and immaculately kept buildings and streets. There were lots of street vendors sharing their small businesses and other larger brands as well tucked into the stunning buildings. There were many options for food but most restaurants were only taking reservations at the moment due to the pandemic- we went the food truck route. I’m betting we will want to explore Seaside a bit more on future trips but I wanted to share some photos I snapped during our short time there.

My dress for the day was from Express – check in stores as it’s sold out online.
Purse / Sunglasses / Shoes
Just be advised if you do visit here – the food is not cheap. Even the food trucks. 😉
I’ll take this one!
Forever in love with these beautiful southern homes. 💕
What’s a trip down south without some time in a rocking chair?
Until next time, Seaside ✌️

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