Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Although this Easter will be a bit different than years prior, we are still very excited to celebrate!

Last year, I went with stuffed animals, books and soft, squishy toys for Charlotte’s basket. This year, the things I got were mostly intended for the beach because we were supposed to check into our condo on Easter but I know she’ll still have so much fun playing at home.

I found this “grass” to go in the bottom of her basket for an inexpensive way to add a decorative look. I added some sidewalk chalk, lots of bubbles, a fun new cup, a lobster guy, sunscreen for my red head and some new water shoes. I plan to put in a couple of her favorite snacks too. I definitely think outdoor toys are the way to go with all of this extra time at home but you can never go wrong with books as well. We ended up giving Easter books early because we were in need of new reading material.

What are your Easter basket ideas? 🐇

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