Happy New Year / Deep Cleaning and Decorating

It’s that time again where we all buy gym memberships, try to detox from all the holiday treats we’ve consumed recently and start cleaning and organizing like we’re Marie Kondo. 😉

I’m not one for resolutions but I will say that the new year definitely inspires me to freshen up everything in my life. Although I love Christmas and decorating for it, that feeling of taking it down at the end of the season and looking at your fresh space and what seems like a larger house is good for the soul. Even so, it can seem daunting to know where to go next in your decor and how to best begin cleaning up all the glitter/pinecones/flocking that Christmas decor allllways leaves behind.

After removing my Christmas decor, I start a big deep clean which I highly recommend. It’s always a little easier at this time because your house is at it’s most bare, many of us have extra time off and you’re probably at your most motivated at this point. Not to mention, you’ve probably realized that those holiday parties can leave your home in quite a mess.

As far as tackling my own home, I made a mental cleaning schedule for myself (feel free to write it out too-it’s probably easier to hold yourself accountable this way) of what deep cleaning chore I was going to get done that day. I began with a three day period of removing my holiday decor. I gave myself the amount of time I felt was realistic because I knew the vast majority would need to get done after my daughter went to bed. After the decor was removed, I began the deep cleaning list which I decided to share. Everyone’s schedule of how quickly they can check these items off will be different but that fresh and clean home and the peace of mind it brings will be well worth the time.

*My deep cleaning checklist*

  1. Scrubbing the hardwood floors – Meal times are messy when you’re a toddler mama so for me, getting on my hands and knees and literally scrubbing the floors has to happen from time to time. I didn’t have to work as hard at this pre-mom life. 😂
  2. Vacuuming/shampooing the carpet – we have carpet in our bedrooms so of course regular vacuuming is a must. This is my most used and absolute favorite household item. One year later and I’d repurchase it without a thought. For us, every other day is how often I like to vacuum upstairs. We don’t have a shedding dog so I don’t feel the need to do this daily. Especially if you’ve had people passing through your carpeted home for the holidays, shampooing might be an excellent choice. There’s not much more satisfying than emptying out the shampooer when you’re finished cleaning- probably will be a big surprise to you too! I recommend this shampooer.
  3. Cleaning all your windows and mirrors – I personally hate this chore and I’m not sure why. This is definitely the one I go the longest without doing though.
  4. Wiping down ALL furniture, electronics, vent covers and surfaces. I think it’s easy to forget that all furniture pieces and electronics are collecting dust at all times even if you’re not in that room a lot. I find that I tend to neglect dusting things in our spare room, our TV and the shelves in our laundry room.
  5. Deep clean of all bathrooms – tubs, showers, toilet, vanity, sink, tub fixtures, shower head, kid’s bath toys, bath mats, toothbrushes (either sanitize or maybe remember that it’s time to replace) and wipe out the inside and outside of bathroom cabinets. It’s always surprising to me how dirty they get!
  6. Light fixtures! So easy to forget those and they’re not always easy to clean. I save this chore for my extreme deep clean.
  7. Remember to sanitize light switches, door knobs etc. especially if you’ve had people in your home. Everyone I know has been sick lately and we don’t want any of that near us!
  8. Clean out the refrigerator – there are lots of leftovers this time of year. It’s also a great time to get rid of expired condiments and give the fridge a good wipe down.
  9. Wipe down other appliances like your sink, dishwasher, oven, microwave AND your washer and dryer. Also try cleaning the glass insert in your oven for a real surprise!
  10. Organize and declutter! I firmly believe that decluttering is so helpful for mental health. I also believe that it should definitely be considered a cleaning chore on this list because a home without clutter will always feel more clean even if it isn’t. Go through your family’s clothes, toys, home decor, kitchen gadgets and whatever else it may be that accumulates in your household. I could spend days doing this one. Anyone want me to come over and help? ðŸĪŠ

After my deep clean, I began to think about what direction I wanted to go in for decor. Isn’t it funny how we forget what we had in our house after fall and holiday decor have been up for so long? I opted to add just a few Valentine’s day and cozy, winter touches (mostly in the textures I chose like my faux fur runner I kept out from Christmas, blankets, pillows, the birch tree and candles) but also wanted to keep things light and airy while adding in my everyday decor. I enjoy lots of greenery during this time as well just to make sure I don’t get lost in a sea of neutrals while there’s very little color outside. I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite spaces and their transitions.

Cozy Lantern / Console Table Option / Marble Monogram Board / Birch Tree / Lamp

Marble Cake Stand / Oblong Cutting Board / Marble Board / Black Pendent Light / Kitchen Rug

Chandelier / Comforter / Pillows are from HomeGoods, mirror is from Hobby Lobby and shelf is Decor Steals

Mug Rack / Chairs / Chandelier / Mirror from Hobby Lobby, table from At Home and hutch built by my dad

Birch Logs / Cable Knit Pillow / Nespresso / Table and shelf from HomeGoods

I would love to know your cleaning routine and how you decorate during this time. Thanks for stopping by! 💕

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