Playing In The Leaves

We’ve been lucky to experience a gorgeous fall this year and truthfully, I’m partly blaming that for my lack of blog posts recently. Life has been busy but in the best way. We’ve been working to experience every little thing we can with Charlotte–and to really be present while doing so. The fall foliage of our town is always something I look so forward to each year and getting to witness Charlotte’s excitement for the leaves as well has been magical. We’ve been out and about every weekend exploring different cities and going to fall festivals to ensure we make the most out of our favorite season so I haven’t been updating my blog much. Luckily, you can always find me on Instagram for our day to day life.

Sweater – Nordstrom

Pants – Levi’s

Leopard Camisole

Similar Booties

Baby Leopard Boots / Baby Halloween Socks / Baby’s First Knit Pants / Hubby’s Flannel

Charlotte’s Vest – Matilda Jane

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