Charlotte Chloe Turns One

365 days ago, at 8:33 in the morning, my life changed forever. From the moment you hear your little one’s cry, you just get it. You get what everyone has been saying to you for the past nine months and what you’ve heard your whole life. In that second, you immediately see that this being is now your everything. I’ll never forget the second that I felt that for the first time and I’m in disbelief that it was an entire year ago.

The joy that Charlotte has brought everyone in her life is more than I could’ve imagined. Getting to know her, seeing her experience new things each day and showing her that I’ll forever be her person are all I could ever ask for in this life.

Charlotte has truly spoiled us as first time parents. Her sweet and cheerful disposition and love of sleep (since day 1) have me wondering what we did to get so lucky. She loves to spend her days in the floor with her toys, bringing me books to read to her, trying to get the attention of her big sis (our Yorkie), laughing at her family over nearly everything, beaming that smile at me after I’ve returned (even if I was only gone for a minute) and eating everything in sight (especially if it’s on mom or dad’s plate) while delighting us with her screaming and dancing when the meal is especially delicious.

Last weekend, we were able to show our girl a hint of what she means to us at her first lemonade stand birthday party. I’d celebrate her like this everyday if I could. It was truly perfect.

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