You Are My Sunshine 🌻🌞

I look forward to sunflower season every year but I can’t get enough this year! I’ve added both artificial and fresh sunflowers to my summer displays. Marshall’s and Michael’s have excellent artificial options that look extremely real. I always head to Kroger and our local sunflower farm for fresh sunflowers.

Kitchen Sink Tray

Lemon Wedge Plate / Mini Ribbon Rolling Pins / Lemon Slice Tray / Yellow Gingham Bows / Galvanized Cart / Keurig

Shelf / Mini Chalkboard Lemonade Sign

Charlotte is even on the sunflower kick! Our first family trip with her was to the sunflower farm last year which has made them even more special to me. What is your favorite flower or color to add in for summer? I’m obviously loving yellow!

Gingham Romper / Tea Towel Ladder / Marble Soap Dish

One thought on “You Are My Sunshine 🌻🌞

  1. The yellow sunflowers just make everything look so pretty and bright. That little precious baby girl makes the kitchen;)


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