Charlotte Chloe / 9 Months

All I can say is that nine month old Charlotte has been so. much. fun. From her spending 95% of her waking hours laughing to getting sloppy kisses and learning her personality, we just can’t get enough of this stage. The biggest difference I’m seeing this month is that she has really come out of her shell with strangers. She now loves all the attention she gets in stores, parking lots, restaurants or anywhere and she gets tons of it by laughing at any face that smiles at her. She gets extra excited if she sees a familiar face that she hasn’t seen in a while. We’re talking jumping up and down, laughing, kissing, clapping, excited. And we just can’t get enough of our sweetheart. She is still sleeping at least 12 hours at night and has a regular napping schedule as well which is nice for both of us. As far as food, she has decided she doesn’t like anything remotely sour so some fruits are now out. Her favorite activities include playing toys and with her family, spa nights (taking baths) and shopping with mama. She is standing on her own and we know walking is just around the corner…and mama is trying to get prepared for that.

Find Charlotte’s romper here.

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