Introducing Baby Girl To Her Big Girl Room

Charlotte has been sleeping in her big girl room for almost a month now and I thought I’d share some tips for how we eased the transition.

Honestly, I was SUPER worried about this transition for several reasons. For one thing, I’m a first time mom and worry a lot. I was also just concerned about the backtracking that would be done with her routine and schedule as I knew this would be a disruption. Although it was honestly so hard on me, I am incredibly happy we did it. Charlotte’s always been a pretty good sleeper but I can tell she rests 100 times better in her own room. When we get her up in the morning, she is so full of energy.

The first two nights of training her to sleep in her own room were tough. She woke up every two hours pretty much on the dot and had never done that in her life. As a newborn, she slept 6 hours at a time so this was extreme. She didn’t take much comforting to fall back asleep but was then up again two hours later. On the third night though, I put her to bed and she has slept 10-12 hours straight since. I wasn’t feeling great after the second night and you will probably have some rough nights at first too but the payoff is worth it for sure.

Tips for the transition.

1. Bring baby into the room with the lights out, Owlet on and white noise (if you use them) on. We swear by this white noise machine. I tried to create the feeling of our room in her room so she’d be more comfortable and not notice the difference as much.

2. Keep your bedtime routine the exact same as before. With such a big change, I didn’t want to do anything else differently.

3. Keep calm. We all know that our baby knows when we’re stressed. I’m sure that my stress also caused Charlotte to be stressed those first couple of nights.

4. Make sure the daytime schedule matches with the amount you want baby to sleep at night. Napping too long or not enough/irregular times can mess with a baby’s schedule at night so keep that in mind. We had to do some tweaking to our daytime schedule to perfect our nighttime one.

5. Treat yourself after success. I use the extra time I now have after she goes to sleep to do only things I want to do and it has been SO NICE.

Remember, a rested baby is a happy one!

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