Charlotte Chloe / 7 Months

Charlotte will be 7 months in a few days but has already changed in so many ways since my 6 month update! It seems like every time I blink, she’s doing something new and different. I try to keep everything written down in her baby book but I love having it here as well.

One of our favorite things is that she loves to be patting us and cuddling all the time now. She is also eating so much more of her baby food these days. She’s always enjoyed solids but in the last few days, her appetite has increased so much! She’s trying to get on the move as well. She understands what she needs to do and can get in position. She also gets more into her toys each day. She turns her own toy bins over now and pulls them all out into the floor to pick what she wants and likes to carry her favorites around with her when we carry her. She’s majorly teething and loves to chew on a pacifier now which is so foreign to us as she’s always hated them. Overall, her peaked curiosity is what I’ve noticed more than anything. She wants to touch, crinkle, rip, eat and get into everything these days! I’ll have my hands full soon!

Mama isn’t sure if she’s ready for her baby to do all these things but baby definitely is!

Nursery Rug / Same Ottoman, Different Print / Onesie from Spearmint Baby

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