Tips For Making Your Home Always Look Tidy

I’m a stickler when it comes to having a tidy space and I’ve been this way my entire life. Since I have many years of tidying up under my belt, I thought I’d share some ways that I’ve learned to make it easier to have your house looking kept up and clean.

1. I know you’ve heard this one before but it’s a game changer. MAKE YOUR BED IN THE MORNING. I promise you, it will not only make your house look put together but will also make you feel so much more put together and ready to start your day. It doesn’t take long but makes all the difference.

2. Open your windows/blinds in the morning. I always do this in every room first thing. Let the sunshine in! It’ll wake you up and brighten your spirits. I do this even if I’m leaving for the day because getting ready in the dark is not how I like to start off my mornings.

3. When possible, I prefer to do my vacuuming in the morning. There’s something about fresh vacuum lines that will get your day off to the right start. I’m also at my most energetic in the morning and more likely to get that chore checked off my list rather than in the evenings when I’m exhausted. If you’re a night owl, (I was pre-baby) you might want to do it at night.

4. I also like to always put away the dry dishes in the morning. We don’t use a dishwasher so our dishes dry on a rack or by hand. I put away the ones that were drying overnight in the morning so we have a fresh start. If you do use a dishwasher, go ahead and allow time to unload it in the morning.

5. Along the same lines, I try to make sure my sink is empty at night and dinner dishes are done so that I don’t wake up to a sink full of dishes first thing in the morning. I know my mood wouldn’t be great if that were the case!

6. Aside from dishes, I also pick up the house in all areas before bed. Charlotte’s toys stay out while she’s playing all day but I always put them away at night, straighten up our throw blankets and pillows. Again, waking up to a mess is not a good start to the morning. You might be surprised at how much a clean space could improve a hectic morning and help to clear your mind so that you don’t start out the day frazzled and tense.

7. Get rid of clutter in your home. When you have less stuff, you have less to clean up. Be mindful of what you’re bringing into your home and clean out often–not just the beginning of the year! This way, it’s just a quick task you do here and there instead of a huge ordeal once a year.

8. Buy cleaning products you enjoy. If you like a certain scent or brand of product, go for it. You’re so much more likely to enjoy (or at least not hate) cleaning if you like something about the product you’re using.

9. Have a cleaning/tidying up schedule so that you don’t end up burnt out from having 4675 things needing done at once. You can get the whole family involved and make your schedule as simple or elaborate as you like.

10. My last tip is to do your deep cleaning while the sun is shining in. You can really see any dust and dirt so much easier on sunny days and this will help you get a better result in the end!

I hope you found a new tip or two that will help you in your life! Once you get started doing these things, it really becomes second nature and your house will be less likely to get to that daunting point where you don’t even know where to start. Thanks for stopping by!

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