Six Months Postpartum

Six months later and I’m still convinced that mom life is the best life. Charlotte has developed the sweetest personality and getting to be her mom is my greatest blessing. Some days are exhausting but they’re all 1000% worth it. Life is completely different than 6 months ago. So different that it’s hard to believe sometimes but SO much more fulfilling too.

After carrying a baby for 9 months and then being the source of care and nutrition for them every second of the day, it can seem like your body isn’t yours anymore. Yet, you would continue to happily share every cell for the rest of your life. Especially if that meant they would stay young and safe in your little bubble, right? Each day is a learning experience and I’m trying to soak it all up. I’ve had to remind myself more than a few times to chill over things I can’t change about the world that she’s going to grow up in. But, that’s parenthood.

I’m actually feeling pretty energetic lately and glad to be back to my norm in that aspect. I’m also able to put more time into my various creative outlets at this point. With an older baby and cluster feeding behind us, it’s easier to find a little “me” time here and there. I am still wondering how I have any hair left as it comes out in handfuls due to both postpartum hair loss AND Charlotte yanking it out any chance she gets! I’m feeling really good these days overall and my heart is so full. 💗

Outfit details from photo:

Leggings / Coat / Sunglasses

Charlotte’s Jacket- Zara / Similar Sherpa Hat / Pants

One thought on “Six Months Postpartum

  1. Your heart will always be full for your precious little baby girl no matter how old she is. You both look ready to play in the snow. Beautiful picture of mommy and baby.


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