Charlotte Chloe / 6 Months

I know everyone always talks about how they can’t believe their baby is X age but I really can’t believe Charlotte is already half a year old. I feel like I was writing her birth story here just yesterday…and living it.

Being her mom for the past 6 months has been the most rewarding and joyous time of my life but my favorite stage has been this past month. She smiles and laughs pretty much all waking hours and is so much fun to play with now that she adores all of her toys. Getting to see her joy is the most incredible feeling. She can sit-up on her own and has recently started solids–which she loves. The 4 month sleep regression being behind us is pretty great too! Typically, she goes to bed at 9, wakes up for a bit to eat at 4 and then wakes up for the day at 8 or 9. She also enjoys car rides and shopping trips with mama–which of course is a dream come true. I’ve noticed she appreciates the change of scenery from time to time and I do too. She is still as long and chunky as ever and her hair is looking more and more red in photos! In person, it’s more strawberry blonde and we’re thinking it will probably stay that way…or she might have mama’s hair that literally looks a different color in every light.

Most days, I feel like I finally have this new mom thing figured out but other days keep me on my toes as I know will always be the case. I’ll be back here before I know it writing a one year blog post so I’m going to soak up allll the baby snuggles while I can.

Throw / Vase / Chandelier / Mirror / Baby Head Wrap / Quilt- Kohls / Basket- Home Goods / Faux Fur Pillow- Home Goods

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