(Inexpensive) Front Porch Christmas Decor

As I’ve mentioned before, our front porch gets really windy at times. Because of that, I typically don’t like to put very much out. I do love decorating for the holidays so I found a way to spruce it up and didn’t spend much at all just in case the wind carries it to my neighbors house because it wouldn’t be the first time.

My wreaths on the windows are from Wal-Mart for around $10. I also picked up the lights from Wal-Mart for just a few dollars. My mom gathered some fresh cedar from her yard that fits perfectly into the galvanized bucket. I added a Dollar Tree bow and love how it turned out! The plaid throw over my chair is actually just a scarf that I’ve had for years.

This simple but festive look has me so excited for the best day of the year.

Merry Christmas!

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