Baby Items I HAVEN’T Used & Regret Purchasing

She gets cuter everyday! Somehow, Charlotte is almost 5 months old. Naturally, we had to have a little photoshoot.

Honestly, we didn’t go over the top with buying tons of baby products and gadgets. Even so, we ended up with some items that we never used or only used once that I wouldn’t have purchased had I known. Every baby is different though so you might love these things! This is just my experience.

1. Bottles- This is first on my list because I’ve spent $100+ on different brands of bottles and Charlotte wants nothing to do with any of them. 😂 This is obviously one that will be unique with every baby.

2. Swings- We bought the Rock n Play along with an upright swing but have only used them each once or twice. In my experience, keeping things minimal has worked best. I wouldn’t buy a bunch of baby equipment until you know your baby and what they like to do.

3. Shoes- Baby shoes are obviously the cutest things ever. BUT they’ve never seemed to fit correctly and are such a pain to put on! Not worth the hassle for a young baby in my opinion.

4. Baby towels- We bought a few because again, they’re so cute. We have one that still works but the others have been too small for quite some time. They’re also way more expensive than regular, adult bath towels which is funny since they’re so small.

5. Breastfeeding pillow- It just never helped and only got in the way so it wasn’t ever used outside of the hospital. This is one I’ve heard many moms agree on.

6. Baby carrier- Another item I only used once. I find a stroller SO much easier than dealing with all of the straps that come along with baby wearing.

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