Baby & Expectant Mother’s Gift Guide

As you probably know, this Christmas will be our first one as parents and I’ve had so much fun picking up gifts here and there to help Charlotte open this Christmas. Although I see so many gift guides on blogs each year, I don’t see many relating to babies and even less to expecting mothers. With black Friday sales beginning, I thought I’d share a few things that I would love Charlotte to receive or would have enjoyed opening before her arrival.

1. A jumper / activity mat

Charlotte is almost 4.5 months and this jumper has been incredibly fun for her. This one has the most different activities included which is why I chose it. Mama can get some much needed work done while she plays and we’re all happy! Here is the animal version.

We also have and love this activity mat. Here is the jungle themed version if you don’t want pink.

2. Bath toys

Charlotte loves her *spa nights* as well call them and I’ve stocked up on bath toys for her this Christmas. They usually aren’t very expensive and it’s so much fun to watch a baby play in the tub. A little submarine like this or squirties like this would be perfect. For the expecting moms, a tub like this one or this (what we have) would be a great gift as well. If you’re afraid of getting toys that might be too similar to what they already have, this bath toy storage bag could be perfect.

3. Cozy clothing / blankets

These are great items to give for any age baby or expecting moms. One thing I’ve learned is that babies want to be comfortable just as we do so you can’t have enough sleepers/onesies or blankets. This unicorn blanket is on sale and this gender neutral one as well. As for cozy clothing, I love Old Navy and Gap for babies. Charlotte has tons of these bodysuits that she wears on a daily basis. Check here for baby boy options. These pants are also the best. We pretty much always keep her in Old Navy sweats and leggings and I don’t think you could ever have too many. For an expecting mom, you could also have these gifts monogrammed!

4. Teaching toys or books

I think books are always a great gift and I recommend TJMaxx for the best deal on them. Teaching toys such as something like this will always be a hit as well. Of course we know babies love music and brightly colored toys as well so I highly recommend this. Charlotte LOVES it.

5. Hygiene items

I love using Johnson’s so a set like this would make a great gift or this from Honest. You know that this is a gift that will always be used.

I hope something on this list will be enjoyed by the little bundle in your life!

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