How To Celebrate Fall Without Leaving The House

I think most new moms notice that leaving the house isn’t a frequent occurrence. We’re venturing out more now that Charlotte is almost 3 months but I’ve found that if it’s during nap time or a feeding, it’s usually not worth it. However, I still want to enjoy my favorite time of year so I’ve compiled a list of what I do to enjoy fall even when most of my time is spent inside.

1. First and foremost is decorating for fall of course. When my house is cozy and festive, I don’t mind being in it alll day. Lots of pillows, throws, a cute mat and pumpkins make me SO happy.

2. Fall candles and scented cleaning products! I adore lighting up a new fall scent that brings all of the deliciousness or crispness of fall right into my home. I also love to spice up my cleaning routine with Mrs. Meyer’s fall scents. If you’re a new customer to Grove Collaborative, you can get free scented cleaning products using this link with a $20 purchase. I love using Grove for my cleaning products because the prices are SO good.

3. Keeping the windows open. Sometimes, I forget to open the windows but this is honestly a game-changer for me. A little fresh air with that fall smell will go a long way in how you feel.

4. Sipping on seasonal drinks. I drink apple cider on a daily basis during fall but I also like to add in pumpkin spice hot cocoa for the cooler days. I buy accessories for my bar cart and cute fall mugs to make the process more of a treat.

5. Making dinner at home and yummy fall themed treats. From apple cider donuts to pumpkin pie, fall desserts are best. I always grab all the fall treats at the grocery store to spice up a day in. I also like making dinner at home during fall and of course as a new mom, it is usually a must. My husband and I love ordering Blue Apron because they use fresh, seasonal ingredients and make cooking dinner more fun. It is a little bit like a date night for new parents and stress-free as all of the directions are right there.

How do you celebrate fall inside? I would love to know!

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One thought on “How To Celebrate Fall Without Leaving The House

  1. You have it looking so pretty. It is so cozy and love the fall décor. You can make me 1 of those delicious looking drinks.


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