Life With a 12 Week Old

Today, I woke up with a 12 week old. Sometimes the days can feel long but the weeks fly by. Charlotte is the greatest addition to each of the lives that she’s in and I feel so blessed everyday to be her mama.

She has definitely developed a little personality and each day, I notice it more and more. Watching her with her toys and seeing her learning how to play with them almost brings me to tears. I never knew how sweet it could be to watch a baby learn.

Charlotte loves bath time (AKA spa night), being read to, routines and playing with her toys most. She is still sleeping so well which we’re all grateful for. She seems to grow each day and can only wear the cute outfits mama picks out once before they are too small.

We struggled during what I think must have been leap 3 recently but that seems to be behind us. Each of the growth spurts and developmental periods have been noticeable to me but that one has been the worst. Mama is also still trying to get her oversupply under control. I’ve been trying alll the tricks but nothing has worked perfectly so far and there isn’t a lot of info on this topic out there. Luckily, Charlotte hasn’t fired me yet and seems to enjoy life out of the womb.

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