36 Week Bumpdate

I can’t believe how close we’re getting to meeting our angel!! This week begins the weekly appointments to my doctor until baby is here. My diaper bag is packed and I plan to begin packing my hospital bag this week.

I have noticed a huge shift in my body over the last week or two and I’m definitely feeling how pregnant I am.

• Her kicks and strength amaze me! Even though they’re getting a bit painful, There’s nothing in the world like feeling/seeing her little legs and arms moving around.

• Extreme back/leg aches/pains that make me feel as if I were hit by a semi at times.

• The summer temps are not on my side.

• HEARTBURN!! It’s getting SO intense on a nightly basis now. I’m guessing we’ll have a full head of hair at birth!

Still, I’m overcome with excitement and I know I’ll miss these days. The countdown till July 10 is on!

*Maternity robe from Pink Blush Boutique.

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