3rd Trimester Bumpdate

I’m officially over 31 weeks pregnant and decided it was FINALLY time for a bumpdate. My second trimester was pretty easy overall so I never felt like I had much to update you on. Now that I’m getting closer to the end, I’ve had lots of changes that I’ve been experiencing lately.

First of all, we seem to have gone straight from winter to summer around here and I’m feeling SO HOT all the time. I feel for you mommas that are pregnant all summer because I imagine that’s torture. My job requires quite a bit of walking outdoors while also dressing in business attire which is getting really difficult in this heat. My poor hubby says I’m freezing him out of our house. 🙄

I’m also getting quite uncomfortable while sleeping. The hip pain and round ligament pain have me feeling like I’ve aged 50+ years. 😂 I’ve always been a light sleeper but have become even more of one these days. Every little noise was waking me up (prepping me for being a mom?) and the little aches and pains were keeping me awake. My solution for this was busting out the sound machine I bought for baby girl and it’s been an absolute life saver for mama!

I now need help getting my shoes on my swollen feet and can’t get off the couch on my own most days but even so, I love being pregnant. Her kicks, flips and stretches make every pain or uncomfortable situation 1000% worth it.

We are starting to feel prepared to meet our angel as we’ve picked her pediatrician, stocked up on SO many supplies and will be going to our appointments every 2 weeks now. I know I’ll miss this bump but will be so thankful for the memories.

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