We’ve Been Keeping a Secret!

Andrew and I are so grateful and excited to announce that we will be becoming parents July 2018. It’s still crazy to hear that!

It’s a secret that has been SO hard to keep to ourselves but kind of fun as well. We’ve spent the time planning, researching like crazy and dreaming about our future little family. As far as where I’m getting my daily baby info, The Bump app has been my go-to–their 3D depiction of baby is the best! It was able to hold me over for the tougher weeks when we had no photos of our own baby or the ability to know that he or she was doing well inside me. That first appointment at 8 weeks couldn’t have come quicker. We were elated to hear our baby’s heartbeat, see the little body and clinched fists and know that he or she is healthy.

My pregnancy has been great overall so far and I’ve been lucky. I was so worried about morning sickness and feeling bad at work but those times have been few and far between. My only nausea has seemed to have been from some really gross prenatal vitamins I was taking at first. The symptom that has been consistent for me since the beginning though has been pure exhaustion–pretty much all the time. My energy is at an all time low. I basically go to work and crash once I get home. My evenings are usually spent napping (and eating lots😂) and I barely feel like getting ready in the morning. But my sometimes scary appearance is way better than the nausea I was afraid of. Other than the fatigue, I had extreme taste aversions up until about week 8 and craved different foods on a daily basis. My only consistent cravings have been cheese and salty foods which are both very abnormal for me.
I keep being told that I’ll have a burst of energy soon and I’m anxiously awaiting that day. Until then, we’ll be keeping ourselves busy planning names, nursery decor (SO excited for this) and a gender reveal. What do YOU think we’re having?!

My velvet dress

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