You read the title correctly, we are officially homeowners!! We closed on our house last Tuesday and have been working diligently ever since (and making nightly Lowes trips.) Honestly, it was already so beautiful while empty but we’ve added our own style and flavor to the space to make it our own and it’s turning out so perfectly. 

The house is a year old but it’s almost as if we designed it ourselves in terms of the style, fixtures and colors chosen. We’ve now switched out several light fixtures but other than that, we are mostly just decorating and landscaping.

Be on the look-out for alll of my future posts because there will be lotsss of fall decor coming soon! 😉🎃

I thought I’d share a few snaps that I took when we first got the keys.

I hope you’re as excited for future blog posts of our home as I am!! While I’ll always cherish the memories we made in our two apartments, the future in this home is looking even sweeter. We are forever grateful for this blessing. 

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