Weekend Recap 

Happy Monday y’all. 🙃 This weekend, Andrew and I had a long, romantic walk down each and every isle of Lowes planning our projects as soon-to-be home owners. I can still remember how much I hated going to Lowes with my parents not too long ago and now it’s our idea of a fun date night–when did I get old? 

Anyway, we also went back and forth between two couches from two different companies all weekend. We have it narrowed down to two similar styles but very different colors–navy or ivory. As much as I LOVE white/ivory, I do worry about having an ivory couch. Luckily, the couch is slipcovered so washing shouldn’t be an issue but still, I do worry. Does anyone regret their white couch purchase? 

We also hit up the grocery store AGAIN (we always forget everything and have to go back 4X throughout the week) but this time, these amazing sunflowers came home with me so the trip was well worth it.

A white dress has been a constant in my summer wardrobe for many years now. Mine is from E. Leigh’s Boutique but I found an almost identical version at Nordstrom here and another similar version here. I paired my dress with these sandals (so obsessed with them) and my white tote from Target last year. 

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