Sailor Shorts / Button Down

As if the stripes and buttons weren’t enough, my husband literally said these shorts were his favorite item of clothing I own!? 😲 I don’t think I disagree! 

On top of getting some great new shorts, we are officially under contract on a home!! We weren’t sure that we’d end up finding what we wanted before our lease was up but as it turned out, we found exactly what we wanted almost immediately after pre-approval. In our HOT market, this was the ultimate timing. Andrew and I have been moving at least once a year since we were 18 so I think we’re both looking forward to settling down with roots. I CAN’T WAIT for all of the home blog posts to come. 💕

Need some adult jellies? These are your answer. So cute and comfy too!

Sandals / Shorts / Sunglasses / Button Down

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