Home Office / 1 Year Post Graduation

Today, I wanted to share an update on one of my favorite spaces as well as a life update.

As I see graduation posts and pictures popping up all over my social media feeds, I can’t help but get a bit nestalgic. Though I have been continuing my education, I haven’t been inside of a classroom in almost a year. Even still, I would say my first year in the “real world” has been my most busy year of learning. If someone would’ve told me everything I would experience this year, I would have told them they were crazy–seriously.

Throughout the year, I married my best friend and have gotten to experience such great happiness while living, growing and having so much fun with him. I also started Style From Victoria which is definitely on my highlight reel for the year and was such a large goal of mine. Though those two events were ones that I had planned for so long to occur, I definitely have had my share of surprises and difficult moments since graduating.

To the new grads–I’ve learned that it’s ok for things to not go exactly as planned–and they likely won’t. Never forget that and be thankful for opportunities sent your way because I believe that they have arrived to you for a purpose–even though you might not initially understand. Life is not always predictable and is going to be messy at times. Be prepared and learn as much as you can in every situation because there is nothing more valuable than experience.

As I always say, fresh flowers make a space!

My copper lamp, “Oops” eraser and vase were purchased at Target. My planner is from Lauren James. The “@” piece and faux marble stationary are from Home Goods.

Capture Your Style Book / French Bulldog Tape Dispenser / Similar Copper Lamp / My Desk

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