Warm Weather Favorites

Today, I wanted to share some of my holy-grail favorites as we head into warmer months. 

My first and newest fave is this body wash fresh out of Bath & Body Works’ newest collection. Craving that sunscreen at the beach smell mixed with juicy coconut? If so, this needs to be on your list! 

This bronzing mousse couldn’t be left out of my list of favorites. Not only does it leave your skin with a beautiful (& build-able) olive tan with no orange streaks, this travel sized bottle has seriously lasted me nearly a year! 

Philosophy never disappoints me with a fragrance or quality product. This hair and body refresher is exactly what I need with my vacation still being a month away. 

Wrap yourself in sunny memories, sink your toes deep into the sand and breathe in the salty air as the surf invites you to jump in and wash your cares away.” 

Couldn’t have said it better, Philosophy.

I’ve talked about the Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray several times in the past but it’s still a favorite. I love the texture, wave and volume it adds to my very straight hair! The amazing smell is definitely a bonus! 

As for beauty favorites, coral is everything right now so I’m loving this Milani blush in Luminoso and this gloss in Mai Tai. Both are sure to make you feel like summer is on the way! 

My last beauty favorite is this concealer. The formula works so well especially as a lightweight choice for warm days! 

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