2017 Trends / Community / Confidence

What could convey my happiness of spring-like weather and sunshine more than the brightest yellow shirt I could find? Absolutely nothing. I’ve already worn this beauty twice and I can’t wait to pair it with shorts as well. I have to say, I am actually excited about fashion this year. I don’t mean I haven’t always loved it, but I haven’t always been excited about it. Everyone has their own take on clothing and style which is what makes the entire subject of fashion so interesting and enjoyable. BUT, I’m all about and so inspired by the trends and details that are everywhere right now — ruffles, stripes, bell sleeves, flared everything, exposed shoulders/collar bones and pastels. 

I also wanted to share a little something that’s been weighing on my mind recently. I’m still very new at this whole blogging thing but I’ve been watching the field for years. I say field because it’s a legitimate career for so many now. Blogging is not my career but it does involve several of my greatest passions in life and I’m envious of those who are able to do it full-time. While the process of growing in the industry involves so much change and improving on your craft, (just like ANY profession) I sometimes get discouraged because I find that social media and blogs in general can easily get incredibly unrelatable. I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible for fashion to move as quickly as it does. As a young, beginning blogger, it’s SO difficult to get your content and thoughts out there. So many women feel as though it’s impossible to keep up which holds them back. 

My ultimate goal in my blog has always been to be truly relatable to ALL women.

I want to highlight the importance of being confident in yourself and your own life and realize how blessed you are even though you may not feel like you could ever “keep up.” I get discouraged with this at times just like I know EVERYONE does but at the end of the day, being content in your own skin is everything. I believe social media is beautiful when used to create community and share passions but there is a fine line between that and drawing unhealthy comparisons. Your life is beautiful no matter how messy it seems. 

Anyway… there’s something so special and exciting about the changing of seasons and the optimism it brings. I always particularly love the first few warm days of the year and feeling the sun on my skin. I also tend to commemorate every new season with lots of shopping and I can’t wait to share my newest finds soon. 😉 

On a VERY exciting note, we’ve also been beginning the process of house hunting! *gasps* On this day, we visited a few open houses but we haven’t been overly excited about anything yet. We have lots of time and remain hopeful though. Regardless, going to open houses is basically my idea of a fun weekend. 😉 

Yellow Off the Shoulder Top/ Pants- Express / Shoes- H&M / Sunglasses 

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