Valentine’s Day / Spring Inspiration / Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci

Confession time: I’ve been a little uninspired lately. I’ve been working extra and feeling exhausted. I haven’t had time to have blog shoots or even look at what’s new for spring (such a bad blogger ;)) But…being creative has always been my passion and because of that, I know these times happen. I don’t get worked up over the drab moments anymore because I’m well aware that they come and go. What I’ve learned today is that mother nature is more precious than I knew. I woke up today to sunshine (Ky’s stranger from November-March) and I immediately jumped out of bed. I was able to thoroughly spring clean my apartment and then began planning future posts and doing a little redecorating. I also ran to the grocery store for a few necessities and shockingly found Hydrangeas–this made my day again. It turns out that all I needed was a little sunshine and my favorite flowers.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is coming up and as a pink-obsessed gal, I couldn’t be more excited about that OR the launch of Bath & Body Works’ new line! As a lover of sweet/bakery scents, this line couldn’t be any more perfect for me. Luckily for us, the line launched in stores today!

If you’re not necessarily as into super sweet scents, this might be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for you! I can’t believe I had never tried this scent until now!

These new lip products are TOO cute and smell delicious!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and appreciate you stopping by! Be sure to run into B&BW to check out the new line but beware of spring fever. 😉 

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