The Classics

A nice faux leather jacket is the perfect addition to any simple outfit and this one from Express is perfect. This year’s version is slightly different but just as beautiful and can be found here. The rest of this neutral outfit can also be found at Express other than my shoes which are from Target (surprise, surprise) and I’ve been wearing them constantly the past couple of years. Can Target do any wrong? This outfit is the perfect example of classic staples because most of the pieces are from past years and yet nearly identical ones are still available and likely will be for years to come.

I appreciate you stopping by and hope you are getting excited for the upcoming holidays! This time of year always makes me SO happy! We are headed to Nashville this weekend for my sister’s baby shower and are so excited!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend as well!

This year’s tan faux leather jacket This year’s version of the booties / Black Distressed Denim / Similar Express sweaters herehere and here


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