Skincare + New Drugstore Favorites 

I’ve recently been loving to try out new skincare and I have been very pleased with several products that I’ve been using. I have noticed such a difference in my hydration but my skin has been so much brighter as well. The best part is that some of these products can be found at the drugstore!

I’ve noticed such a boost in hydration since I’ve started using this. My skin has been more towards the dry side for several months and THIS has improved it greatly and is SO inexpensive– I’ve almost finished the entire container now.

As for my eyes, I’ve been using THIS eye lifting balm from Caudalie in the morning and evening. It glides on like silk and aims to reverse any signs of aging from under the eyes as well as brightening and removing puffiness or dark circles. This is the only product I’ve used around my eyes that I feel is actually blurring and improves the texture of my skin. 

Good Genes aims to reduce hyper-pigmentation which I LOVE it for and also smoothes lines. This is pricey but it’s made such a difference for me. It can be used as a mask which is what I usually do. 

I also have these two products that I use during bad skin days and one of them is my favorite product of all. THIS clarifying clay mask gives the most instant results I’ve ever seen in skincare. If I have a breakout, I’ll apply this mask at night and my problem areas will be totally fixed the next day. Oh what I would’ve given for this product in high school. I also use THIS congested skin serum during the rough times. It calms, balances and soothes as an on the spot treatment. 

THIS cleanser is a new product for me as I’ve only used it a few times. I can’t speak to any real effects yet but I wanted to share because A) It feels like silk on your skin B) It’s from the drugstore! I’m loving this brand so far as you’ll see below.

I’m likely very behind on this brand but it is now on my radar. I noticed it at Target and after much deliberation, I brought these two products home with me. I’ve been looking for a new foundation because I haven’t been happy with anything I’ve been wearing. THIS Airbrush Away foundation has me thrilled. Just like the cleanser, it glides on like silk and while it covers all my imperfections, it really does look like skin. The formula reminds me of my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Concealer which I really like but the coverage is much better if that’s what you’re looking for. I have to say, I haven’t used a drugstore foundation in about 7 years because I had nothing but negative experiences with them. I know that’s crazy but it’s true. Maybe I can experiment a little more now that I’ve found a good one. 😉 Please feel free to let me know any other ones I should try!!

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