Summer Essentials / Swimwear Favorites

Not going to lie, most of my heart is in fall mode already but I cannot ignore the fact that the heat index is in triple digits and summer seems to be sticking around. My favorite part of the season has been lounging around the pool for sure but I have also found some beauty essentials and accessories that have stolen my heart recently that I know I will still reach for next year. My white hat from Target (of course) has been my obsession ALL summer– I’m a little ashamed of how often I wear it and these sandals but they really are perfect staples. I picked up my Jack Rogers in South Carolina right after my wedding and I had been wanting a pair for several years. I loved the glitter details that made them just a little unique and they still look flawless after wearing them way too frequently. My tote has also been a summer favorite– I mean it’s adorable. Straw and colorful tassels?! The exact one is only in stores at Target but I’ll have similar options linked below if you cannot locate it. My Surf spray is an older favorite but I have used it more frequently this summer as I have been in the pool so much. It’s the perfect way to get ready for the evening after a day in the pool and really all you need. My other beauty favorite was a surprise to me as I am not usually a lip gloss fan. Buxom lip cream in Mai Tai is all I have been using on the days that I know I’d just sweat makeup off– It’s a beautiful bright coral and looks amazing with a tan! I picked up my Kate Spade bag for my honeymoon but I’ve been in love with this whimsical piece all summer. Her gia bags are technically for cosmetics but I always use them for clutches and they’re way cheaper than the handbags! Now, lets talk swimwear. It’s so important to find a brand that fits you and makes you feel confident. I have been wearing Victoria’s Secret swimwear for close to seven years now because the fit and quality are perfect for me and this high-waisted, strappy suit is no different.

Links to everything below

Similar Straw Tote & Tassels  and another cute one here

Quay Australia Sunglasses

Exact Kate Spade Bag, other cute options here and here

Similar White Hat (great sale) this  one from Forever 21 and this one from Target

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Mai Tai

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Strappy high-waisted Cheeky options here and here

Wrap Halter Top

If you’re sporting the one-piece trend, THIS off the shoulder, ruffled one is AMAZING and this strappy AND tasseled one-piece is on my wishlist.


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